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The Blessings of Generosity

The Blessings of Generosity

The other day, I was sharing my thoughts on having a Personal Mission Statement on my other website, Thoughts and Designs.

Some may think such things as mission statements and goal setting removes the spontaneity from life.

In fact, for me, anyway, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve found that if I do not plan for generosity and a lifestyle of giving, it simply does not happen.

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The Blessings of Generosity

Desiring to raise children who are generous is one thing. Actively setting and achieving goals to give your family opportunity to selflessly serve is another.

Plan for a Life of Purposeful Giving

For the last year or two, I’ve worked harder, and even incorporated into my goals, the idea of being more generous on purpose, more people focused on purpose, more in tune with the needs of others around me, instead of just lost in my own little world.

For example, this has meant we shop for Christmas shoe boxes all year long, and pray for the children who will receive them, among other things. Mostly we give through our local church, our local food pantry, and Samaritan’s Purse, which enables us to be more focused with our giving and our prayers.

In turn, I’ve discovered some blessings along the way.

Blessings Along the Way of Generosity

  1. A greater thankfulness for what I do have
  2. A greater focus on contentment
  3. An ability to see more clearly what is a need and what is a want
  4. Practical opportunities to teach these truths to my own children

Fruit to Your Account

Samaritan’s Purse just shared this video about the accomplishments they’ve had over the last year. It’s amazing to watch

Longfellow quote on giving