Quiet Times in Loud Households 3rd Edition

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From the back cover of the 2nd Edition:

Motherhood has been called the toughest job in the world for a very good reason. Early on in the adventure of mothering, between the sleepless nights and no time for even a shower, we all struggle to stay afloat.

With all the other things pressing in on us for our attention, it is hard to think about our own need for a quiet time apart with the Lord. Who has time to pray and get into the Bible? With a job like yours, who has time not to?

“This is the perfect new mom gift!” C.M., Nebraska

“…Mothers need time with Jesus. They cannot do it with out Him. Yet all too often in the midst of mothering, they can’t find time to spend with Him. The answer is here in “Quiet Times In Loud Households.” This book written by Kimberly Eddy has the power to change lives. Not just the lives of stay at home mothers, but anyone who struggles with finding personal time with Jesus…” Penny Raine, Tennessee, www.PennyRaine.com.