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Free “Knowing My God” Printable Bible Study

Free Knowing My God Bible Study and Notebook on the character and attributes of God

One successful topical Bible Study project that we’ve done as a family (and individuals in our family) is a study of the character and attributes of God.

Most of this study into the character and attributes of God was done via a project for my teen daughters’ Sunday School class, called the “Knowing My God” notebook, which I have available for you free below.

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The Knowing My God Bible Study Notebook

Free Knowing My God Bible Study and Notebook on the character and attributes of God

This project was created by me based on a rather well-received project in my teen daughters’ Sunday School classroom. The teacher gave each girl a notebook with the attributes and characteristics of God written at the top of each page. As the girls did their regular devotions or took notes in church, they were supposed to make note of the different Bible verses that highlighted these attributes, adding additional pages as needed of course.

My own girls dutifully worked on these notebooks for years, to the point that their three-ring binders fell apart from overuse. During that time I have seen much growth, encouragement, and wisdom gained through this small but powerful “Knowing My God” project.

After verifying that there was no copyright on this particular idea, I decided to re-create these “Knowing My God” page layouts to look nice and to add some other characteristics my girls added to theirs too.

It is my prayer that you not only enjoy these notebook pages but that you also grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord through them.

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Because this Bible Study contains many pages, here’s a tip to save on printer ink. Just print off the cover page and the Table of Contents. Then make your own notebooks by just writing the topics on the top of each page. That works too. I designed these pages to look a little bit “fancier” to my own daughters’ specifications. 🙂

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(1) I created this Bible study in PDF format.  Make sure that you have a pdf reader of some sort installed on your computer or on your device.  There are many good free pdf reader apps available for the different devices.  Most desktops and laptops come with Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed.

(2) Some people may need to disable any pop-up blockers when trying to open this file. Some browsers block PDF files from opening. You may need to adjust your settings.

(2) I designed this for opening on a larger screen (laptop, desktop) and printing. It may be harder to read on smaller tablets and phones, as the created size is 8.5″x11″. I created this before smartphones and smaller tablets became popular.