I’m Kimberly Eddy and I am a blogger, artist, writer and productivity junkie with over 25 years of experience as a professional designer and author. I have been creating web content to bless and encourage since 2004 when this site was originally called Joyful Momma.

In my personal life, I’m a devoted follower of Jesus who has raised five grown children for the Lord.

Meeting Jesus as the Iron Curtain Falls

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was in my second year of college at Northern Michigan University School of Art and Design. Following graduation, I followed my wanderlust to Europe, where I backpacked across central and eastern Europe, before settling to live and work in Austria for a season.

During my time wandering around Europe, Jesus Himself found me on Jan Huss Square in Prague, Czech Republic. I had been rejecting Him, yet struggling to understand my purpose here on earth and my reason for being.

Jesus knew my heart’s desire and the many questions I had regarding the Christian faith. He knew my struggle to understand grace, while Christians around me seemed obsessed with works while preaching grace. Jesus arranged things in such a way that I saw Him as He is: the Risen Savior and now my Lord.

The Ever-Evolving Side Hustle

After moving back home to Michigan, marrying my toolmaker, and having five now-adult children, my priorities became more focused on hearth and home, though I continued to provide design services as a very part time side hustle. I designed menus for small restaurants, business cards for entrepreneurs, and logos for several small businesses (and one church).

As our family’s financial situation worsened, I worked hard to figure out different ways to supplement our family income without sacrificing too much time with my growing children or our dedication to homeschooling them.

In 2004, I launched my first website, and in early 2005 I published the first edition of Quiet Times in Loud Households.

Since that time, I’ve continued to grow in the Lord and in my skills as a designer and writer.  I have a second website, Thoughts & Designs, for my design and productivity business.

I started QuietTimes.faith in 2017 as an outlet for blogging about my continued walk with the Lord without distracting from my primary website’s mission of highlighting my design work and tips regarding productivity for Work at Home Moms and other home business professionals.