Bible Study

10 Super Simple Steps Through the Bible

A few years ago, I started taking classes with Faith Bible Institute out of Monroe, LA (our church has a satellite school). One of the most helpful parts of the whole 3-year course was the opening lesson on 10 steps through the Bible.  Basically, it provided a brief, but helpful, overview of the chronology of the Bible. That is, explaining the chronological order of the Bible and how different events fall on the timeline.

Poster: 10 Simple Steps Through the Bible

This is important because so much bad doctrine comes from not reading or understanding the Bible in context. Click on the image below to open it up in a larger/higher res version. Right click on the larger version to download, selecting, “Save Image As…” Then you can print it whatever size works for you. I also sell printed copies on Zazzle (link below).


I took the 10 steps through the Bible lesson and turned it into the visually pleasing graphic. I also created a nifty poster of this 10 simple steps through the Bible design on Zazzle, if you’re interested in purchasing a printed one in the size of your choice.

I hope this helps you out in your Bible Study endeavors.